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"Dad, let's make soap for my science project..."

Those words would be the beginning of this amazing journey that is now known as "Soapy Science".  

Hannah (our 13 year old daughter) had to make a choice for her 8th Grade Physical Science class project and came to me (Jason - her dad) and suggested that we choose "Saponification of Fats & Oils"(aka Soap Making) as her topic since she knew that I already had a passion for wet shaving using the traditional method of a safety razor, badger hair shaving brush and lather shaving soap.  

     Hannah is no ordinary young lady, she is very very intelligent and is also very driven to make a difference with what she does.  Hannah knew that if she chose soap making that there was a very good chance that Dad would be very into it and would willingly be her test subject.  Hannah set herself to researching recipes on the internet, asked her mother and I to purchase the ingredients for her first recipe and off she went into the world where science would produce a very usable shaving soap.  She then asked if I would help her assemble some "test subjects" and we reached out to members of some popular grooming/ shaving forums and solicited testers.  The response was overwhelming and the gentlemen and ladies who responded were also very in to what Hannah was doing!   She built a questionnaire and emailed it to her testers along with seven samples of seven different shaving soap recipes.

      A few weeks went by, the feedback and questionnaires started to be sent back to Hannah - it was very clear from the feedback that all of the recipes performed pretty well,  but two of the recipes received unusually high remarks.  That is when Hannah set out to refine and make her shaving soap recipe the best that she possibly could.  She wanted something that her dad would use above all of his other soaps -- she handed a list of additional ingredients to her mom and I ... and a few hundred dollars later  in exotic oils, vegetable butters and tallow she had produced something that was simply outstanding.  

     Not wanting to simply believe her dad, she mailed these refined versions to some of her testers and they responded with high marks and even began to ask if Hannah was going to begin selling her shaving soaps.  

    Hannah has a big smile, a great head on her shoulders but an even bigger heart.  Hannah knew that selling her soaps would be quite the undertaking, but with a Dad who has a background is sales and marketing and a mom who is extremely creative and has a keen eye for style and design - she knew that we could do something as a family that could make a difference for not only herself, but for causes that are very near and dear to our family's heart.  

     Check out the #SOAPSTHATFIGHT tab on our site to read all about these causes that the sales of our soaps help to support.

     So there you have it, the story of a young lady who set out to do something fun that would keep dad's attention and it ended up producing a top shelf, high performance shaving soap that is being sold and used literally all around the world. 

All the Best,

The Boone Family